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Kathleen A. Paris, PhD
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Planning Ahead for Difficult Meetings

Have a difficult meeting coming up? Here are 16 questions to ask yourself as you prepare.

Three Ways to Use Your Operating Principles

Leaders may know intuitively that having clearly stated operating principles or values is a healthy step for an organization. But once they are created, what happens next? Follow the example of netlogx and learn three ways to unleash the power of the principles.

Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life!

Most strategic plans are never implemented. Organizations may put a great deal of time and effort into creating a strategic plan and then neglect to implement it.

To paraphrase author Patrick Below, the purpose of planning is not to create plans. The purpose of planning is to create results.

E-mails that Get Results

Most of us are faced with avalanches of E-mail messages. Some of them are thrown together, perhaps lacking information or context. Some are just plain sloppy. One man told me he is fed up with E-mail messages that only create a sense of generalized anxiety without a clear call to action.


Advice for Job Seekers

I am in the midst of hiring people and by tomorrow will have reviewed some 200 applications. Here are three bits of advice I would like to share with anyone searching for a job.