As a professional consultant, Kathleen will conduct all activities with you and your organization according to these core values:
  • Honesty: Shares information and feedback accurately;
  • Flexibility: Makes adjustments for changing situations;
  • Follow-Through: All commitments are honored;
  • Results: Helps clients achieve results in a way that honors client values and relationships.
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About Kathleen

Kathleen ParisAuthor and consultant Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D., speaks on healthy workplaces, provides consulting for strategic planning, process improvement and redesign, and professional development for leaders.

Kathleen A. Paris is a consultant emeritus for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Quality Improvement (OQI). During the ten years she served as a consultant for OQI, she provided strategic planning and process improvement facilitation to over 100 academic departments, administrative units, and cross-campus efforts.

She has provided management consulting services to various organizations since 1985 including non-profit and state agencies, hospitals, higher education, and K-12 education. Recent clients in Madison, Wisconsin include UW Health, Meriter Hospital, Family Centers, Alzheimer’s Association of South Central Wisconsin, the School of Human Ecology, at UW-Madison, the University of Wisconsin System, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Kathleen has provided consultation and facilitation for strategic planning at educational institutions throughout the country and in Guam and the Virgin Islands. She has consulted in the U.K. Switzerland, and Canada.  She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from UW-Madison, and has served as a senior lecturer on the Madison campus in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA).  She recently taught a graduate course in leadership and diversity at Edgewood College.


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Ann Zanzig frequently consults in partnerhip with Kathleen Paris. Prior to becoming the President of AZ Consultants, in 1995, Ann Zanzig spent 25 years in higher education administration, including serving as Dean of Students, Edgewood College, Madison, WI, and Director of Student Orientation Programs, UW-Madison. In addition to her private practice, Ann recently retired as a consultant for the Office of Quality Improvement at the UW-Madison, specializing in human resource allocation in the strategic planning process, expertise in accelerated process improvement, meeting facilitation, leadership development, and principles and tools of quality improvement. She offers an additional focus in workplace climate and culture issues, customer-centered service delivery, process design, workforce alignment and conflict resolution. She has done work with colleges and universities nation-wide, not-for-profit organizations, school systems, governing boards, hospitals, state agencies, credit unions and small and large businesses. Ann has a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  Ann’s expertise in these areas, as well as her background in planning and implementing performance review systems, employee motivation workshops, and personal goals setting, make her a perfect presenter in the area of creative employee incentive programs development, customer service training, improving relationships with customers, change readiness and “best practices” in project management.

 Ann E. Zanzig


• Strategic Planning • Process Design/Redesign

• Change Leadership • Workforce Alignment

• Project Management • Quality Improvement Tools

• Functional Team Leadership • Meeting Facilitation



Employment Resources, Inc.


• Wilkes University, PA

• Blackhawk Technical College

• UW-Parkside

• Ronald McDonald House, Inc.

• Wispact, Inc.

• University of Alaska,Anchorage

• Wisconsin Dept. Health and Family Services

• Madison College, Madison,WI

• Madison Emergency Physicians

• University of Alaska-Anchorage

• Susan G.  Komen Foundation

• UW - EauClaire

• WI Colleges