Strategic Planning

Kathleen is an expert strategic planning facilitator. She has facilitated over 100 planning processes for both large and small groups. Her approach engages stakeholders, yet enables a group to complete its work in a minimum of time. She says, “It’s essential to keep the planning process moving forward efficiently so that people have energy left to implement.”

Kathleen will assist your organization in scanning the environment, identifying strengths and weaknesses, collecting stakeholder feedback and clarifying mission (basic purpose) and a shared vision for the future.

At the end of a strategic planning process led by Kathleen, a short list of strategic priorities will be agreed upon and understood by those who participate. Your organization will have specific and “doable” goals with peoples’ names attached to them.

An ideal sequence for many organizations is some pre-work activities to engage a larger group in planning followed by two half-day planning sessions with a smaller representative planning committee.

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