The Clover Practice

You can feel more peaceful and less stressed at the end of the work day. Even in organizations that are designed and managed on obsolete principles, you can maintain your integrity and honor. Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations: The Clover Practice™ shows you how to survive professionally and emotionally in work  environments that are more likely to be unhealthy than healthy.

A real world approach, the Clover Practice™ can be used every day and in every workplace in America, and will also help you recognize if it’s time to leave and move on.

With clear directives and tools for how to be truthful, speak for one’s self, and recognize the interconnections that influence our success as well as our problems, this book provides an elegant metaphor for change and a toolkit for survival.

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176 pages

From the Author:

By the time you finish reading this book, you will see the place where you work in a new way.  You will have new insights on how to deal with problems that may have stumped you in the past.

What Readers Are Saying:

“When I read this book, I felt like Kathleen was talking right to me.”
–Carrie, High School Teacher

“I love your book! I always find that the best books take what is meandering around in your head — then when you see the words, you’re like: Yea. Wow. That’s so true. How come I didn’t think of that, or express it? And it’s even better when the book provide solutions. You do all of that and also have that Must-Keep-Reading factor.”
–C.C., Graphic Artist

Kathleen Paris was my favorite boss–it took reading her book to understand why. Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations: The Clover Practice™ frames a new perspective for the world of work, and provides a thoughtful and practical guide to creating a meaningful, productive and satisfying work environment.
–Elizabeth C. Menzer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Forward Award, Inc.

“Dr. Paris has applied her extensive knowledge gained through years of experience to the important topic of surviving unhealthy organizations. The Clover Practice provides a perspective that can help anyone–both at work and at home–to find that important balance leading to a happy and successful life. The practical and down-to-earth suggestions empower readers to take action to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of those around them.”
–Don Schutt, Director, Office of Human Resource Development, Office of Human Resources, The University of Wisconsin–Madison

“I’m really glad you’ve written on this subject! It should be a best seller, and will certainly be of great help to everyone who reads it. I wish I’d had something like this when I was working for corporations. Bravo!
–Robin C. Burns,

“Seldom does a book empower people like this one does, speaking to all workers regardless occupation and status. Challenging unhealthy and stressful work and organizational practices that impact their health and wellbeing, Staying Healthy in Sick Organizations: The Clover Practice™ is a clearly-written book for anyone engaged with unhealthy organizations (the vast majority). Dr. Paris has well illustrated basic and realistic steps towards redefining the individual work environment that will lead to higher levels of personal health and satisfaction and, in the end, healthier places to work.”
–Maria Brunette, Assistant Professor, Department of Work Environment, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

“Author Kathleen A. Paris, Ph.D. is an inspiring speaker who connects with an audience, large or small.”

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